Research Issues Questionnaire

by GBIN Research Working Group set up at Associations Summit, Baltimore, May 2005

The Summit proposed that country Associations respond to the Questionnaire below to improve knowledge about the business incubation industry globally and help associations to better compare with developments in other regions. In this initial stage the questions have been limited to facilitate responses. It is appreciated that information on some items may not be available, so kindly fill-out whatever you can. You may also provide estimated data, but please indicate where you do so.

We will provide aggregated results of responses to participating associations and depending on results decide on how to proceed further with identification of further studies, etc.

Rustam Lalkaka, Coordinator GBIN Research Working Group

Business Incubators in
(name of country)
Date: 18-01-2019
Data provided by
(Association name)
The following questions relate with aggregated data for a country - not with individual incubators
1 In which year were incubators started in your country?
Please provide the name and address of this incubator
2 How many incubators are presently active in your country?
3 Area (please, indicate it in sqm or sqft) Gross 2004 Net 2004
Total area available in business incubators
Leasable area
Area used by incubator management
Area used by incubator services
4 Clients Resident firms 2004 Non-resident firms 2004
Total number of client firms being served
Total number of jobs in resident client firms
5 Graduates During 2004 Since start
How many firms have graduated
6 Jobs created In resident firms 2004 Total in firms graduated*
Total number of jobs in firms
* Number of jobs at time of graduation
We appreciate that information on questions below is difficult for Associations to get, but your estimate could be of interest
Averages - the "typical" incubator / client firm
7 Financial USD % not covered
by payments of clients
Operating annual expenses of typical incubator in 2004
Client revenue Resident Graduated
Annual revenue of typical client, USD on average in 2004
8 Number of management team in typical incubator