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Quebec Research Parks and Techopoles

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Aims of the association
The **mission of APTRQ** is to bring together the international calibre science and technology parks located in the Province of Quebec so as to help ensure their harmonious development, generate synergies and boost their profile and standing across the Province and around the world.
Mailing address The association is member / partner of
Address: 2750 Einstein Street, suite 390
City: Québec QC G1P 4R1
Post code:
Country: Canada
Telephone: +1-418-6502210 Send mail:
Telefax: +1-418-6502209 Web site:
Registration and Classification
Registration date: Geographical coverage:regional
Registration place: Type of the association:
Beginning of operation:
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
science / technology parks
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 10 institutional
Associate members: 0
Membership criteria
University Partnership or Reseach Center with a national scope
Affiliation or alliance established between the research or science park which ensures that the university or the national research centre becomes a stakeholder in the project, where either the institution is the principal contractor in charge of the park's development, or where it fosters its expansion through its cooperation and initiatives and its promotion of research with a view towards stimulating technology entrepreneurship and the emergence of cutting edge industries.

Area zoned and devoted exclusively to technology
Geographic area which is entirely dedicated, through exclusive zoning measures, to the establishment of private or public research centres, staunchly R&D-focused companies, indeed even university faculties, or urban centres within which there are one or two areas entirely dedicated, through exclusive zoning measures, to the establishment of private or public research centres and staunchly R&D-focused companies.

A dedicated maangement and development entity
A development institution, entity or private company that takes charge of the economic and real estate development of the research or science park, as well as the identification of its strategic goals that must encompass stimulating science and technology entrepreneurship, as well as the establishment and expansion of cutting edge firms and research centres. The dedicated management and development entity may also include an economic development agency or corporation (NPO), a government, a municipality, a university or a private management company.

Policy for selecting companies and institutions
The policy includes the definition of which technology and industry development sectors are to be favoured and the selection criteria to be used regarding the kinds of companies and institutions that will be authorized to establish operations in the research park or parks managed by the dedicated management eUniversits Partnership

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