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Baltic Association of Science & Technology Parks and Innovation Centers

The main goal of BASTIC is to bring and keep together the innovation support institutions and people in the three Baltic States, remaining in the same time as informal as possible. Organisationally BASTIC accepts the principles and goals of the International Association of Science Parks, as well as those of the SPICE Group and European Business Network. BASTIC has concetrated its activities around a central annual innovation conference which was first time organised in Tartu, Estonia, in 1995. Starting from 1998, the brand name „Baltic Dynamics” was developed for these regional events that have by now taken place in Tallinn (1999, 2005), Kaunas (2000), Riga (1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010), Tartu (2002, 2008) and Vilnius (2003, 2006, 2009). During these years the Baltic Dynamics conference has turned into an internationally popular forum and meeting point for the innovation experts from tens of countries worldwide, often the conference has been accompanied by satellite meetings, contact events, exhibitions, etc. In addition to the key annual conference effort, the BASTIC is running regular information exchange, in order to follow, support and harmonize the innovation-related initiatives in the three countries, as well as to provide channels for dissemination of innovative company information. Another category of useful roles of BASTIC has been often connected with joint participation in international scenery, representing and supporting at need each other in various regional, European and global activities.

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Aims of the association
* to exchange information about planning, establishing and developing of its members; * to circulate the region-related ideas among innovators and promoters of these; * to represent and help its members in applying for the relevant R&D-oriented programs of international bodies; * to encourage contacts, cooperation and business between tenant and associated companies; * to develop joint activities training, consultation
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Address: 6/1 Teaduspargi Str

Science Park and Innovation Center Experts

International Association of Science Parks, Malaga, Spain
City: Tallinn
Post code: 12618
Country: Estonia
Telephone: +372-372-6800202 Send mail:
Telefax: +372-372-6800210 Web site:
  Mr. Janis Stabulnieks
Vice President

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  Mr. Martin Goroško
Vice President

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  Mr. Tomas Černevičius

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  Mr. Ints Viksna
Board member

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  Mr. Vaido Mikheim
Board Member

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Registration and Classification
Registration date:September 19, 1996 Geographical coverage:regional
Registration place: Type of the association:informal
Beginning of operation:September 19, 1996
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
science / technology parks
business incubators
technology / innovation centers
business & innovation centers
National Associations of Innovation Centers
National Associations of Innovation Centers
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 20
Associate members:
Membership criteria
Science/technology parks, innovation centers, other legal persons devoted to the development of research-based and/or technology-oriented entrepreneurship or associations of these in the
Baltic (Sea) countries.
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1 Estonia Tallinn Tallinn Science Park - TEHNOPOL
2 Estonia Tartu Tartu Science Park
3 Latvia Riga Latvia Technology Park
4 Lithuania Kaunas Kaunas Science & Technology Park

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