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South African Business and Technology Incubation Association

The association is not active anymore
It terminated operation in 2012

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Aims of the association
The objectives and purpose for which the Association is established are to: * Develop a network of organisations responsible for creating an infrastructure and support services for small and medium sized enterprises, especially including previously disadvantaged communities, to turn their business ideas into viable business propositions * Develop and sponsor activities for the promotion of business incubation in South Africa * Raise funds to promote the Association's mission and purpose by means of fund-raising campaigns, donations, grants or borrowing from financial institutions * Lobby decision makers and stakeholders for the benefit of small and medium sized enterprises that are members of the Association's member organisations * Promote best practices for the benefit of the business incubation community * Develop best practice standards and methods for business incubators * Develop and encourage professional conduct * Train organisations that support and assist small and medium sized enterprises * Establish networks to underpin economic development and growth * Act as the South African node for international business incubation entry
Mailing address The association is member / partner of
Address: Level 5, 125 Buitengracht Street
City: Cape Town
Post code: 8001
Country: South Africa
Telephone: +27-21-4097000 Send mail:
Telefax: +27-21-4097050 Web site: no website available
  Mr. Charles Wyeth

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Registration and Classification
Registration date:March 01, 2004 Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Cape Town Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:March 01, 2004
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
business incubators
business & innovation centers
economic development agencies
universities, higher education institutions
technology transfer agencies
consulting firms
consulting firms
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 19
Associate members:
Membership criteria
Membership shall be restricted to companies and organizations engaging in business incubation, and SME (small and medium sized enterprises) support activities in South Africa.
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