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National Commonwealth of Business Incubators
Национальное содружество бизнес-инкубаторов

The asscoiation is not active at this time
NO NP “National Commonwealth of Business Incubators” (NSBI) was created in 1997. NSBI unites business incubators and objects of the infrastructure of support of small business (technoparks, educational-business centers, innovative-technological centers, etc.) and the enterprises, which activity is connected with the creation and development of small enterprises. The idea of creation of professional commonwealth for business-incubing structures raised at the meeting of directors of business incubators in 1995.

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Aims of the association
* To establish most favorable conditions for small business development in Russia * to form healthy business environment, psychology and infrastructure by supporting and develoing a network for business incubators to expand their legal, technical and financial support * to assist in establishing small business incubators as the basic tool for business development * to promote duplication of advanced entrepreneurial experience * to render assistance in job creation * to protect the rights and interests of NBIA members * to coordinate the business education process and to take other actions aimed at achieving social and community benefits
Mailing address The association is member / partner of
Address: Tverskoy bulvar street 13.
City: Moscow
Post code: 115054
Country: Russia
Telephone: +7-495-95579370 Send mail:
Telefax: Web site:
  Mr. Vitaly Martynyuk

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  Ms. Olga Lapteva
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Registration and Classification
Registration date:January 24, 1997 Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Moscow Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:November 18, 1996
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
business incubators
business support centers
small and medium companies
consulting firms
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 30
Associate members: 38
Membership criteria
Any legal bodies of all kinds of ownership, that run incubators or other small business support activities, paid membership fees, which agree with NBIA Charters and are interested in achievement of the stated goals and tasks of the Association can become NBIA Members.
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