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Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association
Stowarzyszenie Organizatorów Ośrodków Innowacji i Przedsiębiorczości w Polsce

Since 1992, Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association has aided in creation and development of innovative enterprises and regions through factual and organisational support of managing personnel at business support institutions. The main objective of PBICA is to perfect qualifications of organisers and employees of Innovation and Business Centres, popularise knowledge, scientific and practical achievements in the field of organising and functioning of Innovation and Business Centres as well as to support and promote Innovation and Business Centres networks in Poland. According to the studies carried out in mid-2014, there are estimated over 600 active business and innovation centres in Poland. This number includes: - 40 technology parks  - 41 incubators (technology incubators, preincubators /academic business incubators/ and business incubators) -  technology transfer centres - 219 finance relates support structures (seed funds, networks of business angels, local and regional loan funds and loan guarantee funds) - 268 innovation, training and consulting centres.

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Aims of the association
o to improve the qualification of the staff of the business and innovation centers; o to support technology and innovations; to inspire utilization of unutilized business facilities; o to establish exemplary forms of structures supporting entrepreneurship and circumventing unemployment; o to establish and support business and innovation center networks; o to promote new business and innovation centers.
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Address: ul.Basniowa 3 pok. 312

Science Park and Innovation Center Experts

Ukrainian Business Incubators and Innovation Centers Association
City: Warsaw
Post code: 02-349
Country: Poland
Telephone: +48-22-4658416 Send mail:
Telefax: Web site:
  Ms. Marzena Mazewska

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  Ms. Anna Torz
Vice President

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  Mr. Dariusz Trzmielak
Vice President

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  Mr. Lukasz Sztern

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  Ms. Barbara Kostyra

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Registration and Classification
Registration date:February 22, 1993 Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Poznan, Poland Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:1993
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
science / technology parks
business incubators
technology / innovation centers
business support centers
economic development agencies
universities, higher education institutions
small and medium companies
research institutes
technology transfer agencies
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 200 personal
Associate members: 50
Membership criteria
Individuals as well as companies or associations may become member of the association if they actively support the development of business and innovation centers in Poland.This especially includes the promotion of entrepreneurship as well as improving the knowledge about and qualification for innovation and commercialization of scientific results (technology transfer).<br /><br />* Ordinary members in PBICA are individuals / institutions can become associate members
The list below shows the names of member organizations with complete profiles in SPICA Directory.
1 Poland Czestochowa Czestochowa Business Incubator
2 Poland Gdansk Gdansk Science Technology Park
3 Poland Gdynia Pomorski Science-Technology Park
4 Poland Gliwice Gliwice Business Incubator
5 Poland Gliwice Science-Technology Park „Technopark Gliwice”
6 Poland Kielce Kielce Technology Park
7 Poland Krakow Krakov Technology Park
8 Poland Legnica Legnica Technology Park
9 Poland Mielec Mielec Business Incubator IN-MARR
10 Poland Nowy Sacz National Louis University

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