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Japan Business Incubation Association

In June 2008, it was determined that the Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations (JANBO) would come to the end in March 2009. Facing that fact, with the initiative of Mr. Satoshi Hoshino, CEO of Incubation Manager Training Institute, a pioneer of business incubation industry in Japan with 20 years experiences, the JBIA was established in June 2009 as a membership association of business incubators in Japan, networking incubation managers, business incubators and other support professionals. Currently, there is no specific policy to promote BI in Japanese government. However, the JBIA has an explicit policy that the BI is inevitable in Japan in order to nurture the sprouts of new industry, and that the IM has a critical role to support entrepreneurial activities as intermediary personnel.

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Aims of the association
Japan Business Incubation Association (JBIA) is convinced of the necessity to advance the creation of new businesses and industries in order to lead Japan and the region with more prosperity. To materialize this, JBIA believes that it is critical to support and nurture entrepreneurs who bear the roles as well as the future entrepreneurs. Likewise the expansion and development of business incubation (BI) worldwide, JBIA perceives the critical importance of incubation managers (IM) and those support expertise who bear the business incubation roles. To accomplish the mission, JBIA serves as the network association to promote the enhancement of the incubation knowhow and managerial expertise, and furthermore, JBIA conducts various activities to accelerate and maximize the BI and IM practices.
Mailing address The association is member / partner of
Address: c/o T-BISC Kikaishinkoukaikan
3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo,Japan

Asian Association of Business Incubation
City: Tokyo
Post code: 105-0011
Country: Japan
Telephone: +81-050-36021751 Send mail:
Telefax: Web site:
  Mr. Satoshi Hoshino

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  Mr. Takayuki Nishioka
Vice President

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  Mr. Hiromi Kakizaki
Board Member

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  Mr. Eiichi Shinjo
General Secretary

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Registration and Classification
Registration date:June 10, 2008 Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Tokyo Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:June 10, 2008 The association puts emphasis on:Business assitanse for tech. entrepreneurs
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
science / technology parks
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 15 personal
Associate members: 382
Membership criteria
The JBIA has three membership categories, <br />1) Incubation Manager (IM) Individual Member,<br />2) Business Incubation (BI) Organization Member, and <br />3) Supporting Members.<br />IM Individual Member should successfully completed the IM Tranining Program, organized by either the former JANBO or JBIA, or those who have enough experiences in entrepreneurship support or new business creation.<br />BI Organization Member is eligible for those BI centers which the JBIA certified IM serves for. Supporting Members are those who agree the JBIA mission and support the activities.<br />The membership of IM Individual Member is JPY10,000 / year, BI Organization Member JPY50,000 / year, and Supporting Members JPY 10,000 / year. The IM Individual Members and BI Organization Members have voting rights in the general assembly.
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