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AIBI Indonesian Association of Business Incubators

The Indonesian Business Incubator Association (AIBI) was established to promote the development of new businesses and entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and cooperatives with business incubator patterns
AIBI aims at
Synergize all business incubator organizations in Indonesia, in order to increase their capacity and capability in carrying out development, business development and new entrepreneurs as well as small and medium enterprises to support the creation of progress and stability of the national economy.
Develop networks with stakeholders, both at the national and international levels.
Encourage the emergence of new business incubators
Improve the quality of AIBI member business incubator competence

AIBI is an organization that functions as follows:
    - Growing a code of ethics among members.
Unite business incubator institutions all over Indonesia in a container.
Foster the development and progress of professional business incubator business.
- Seek order in establishing incubators.
Explore the potential of business incubators with the primary goal of developing new technology-based enterprises and entrepreneurs across Indonesia.
AIBI serves as
a means of communication between members of the organization with parties outside the organization.
the main recipient of information from outside the organization to be channeled to members of the organization.

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Aims of the association
The objective of AIBI is to create a good cooperation among the business and technology incubator center, the government and international agencies to facilitate and enhance the creation of business and technology incubators. AIBI is concerned with the development and promotion of young entrepreneurs and their enterprises, this includes improvement of the human resources, management capabilities, information services and network, market, finance support, in-kind financial support to the university/academy affiliation, business and facility network, culture and support to the Government Economic Development Program.
Mailing address The association is member / partner of
Address: Alamat AIBI: Yayasan Inotek
Jl Jenggala 2 No 9,
Kebayoran Baru
City: Jakarta
Post code:
Country: Indonesia
Telephone: +62-21-3169437 Send mail:
Telefax: Web site:
  Mr. Hadi K. Purwadaria

send mail
  Mr. Haitan Rachman

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Registration and Classification
Registration date: Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Solo Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:1995
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
business incubators
technology / innovation centers
business support centers
economic development agencies
universities, higher education institutions
consulting firms
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 7
Associate members: 8
Membership criteria
Full members are operating business and technology incubation centers.<br /><br />Affiliate members: Institutions, organizations, companies or persons supporting the economic development and the promotion of entrepreneurship under business and technology innovation and incubation concept.
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