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Association of German Business Incubation and Innovation Centers
Bundesverband Deutscher Innovations-, Technologie- und Gründerzentren

The German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers is one of the most experienced associations of incubators and technology parks world-wide. Formally establishee in the year 1988 it already had worked informally since 1985. The leaders of German business incubators in that year began to meet informally several times per year for exchanging experience gained from practical work in supporeting technology based entreprenership.

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Aims of the association

The aim of the association is supporting technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, especially technology and knowledge based start-up firms. For this purpose the association helps building and developing the necessary infrastructure, namely business incubators and technology parks. ADT facilitates the exchange of information, experience and know-how to improve the efficiency of innovation center services and to promote the understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship.

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Address: Jägerstraße 67

Science Park and Innovation Center Experts

Global Business Incubation Network

International Association of Science Parks, Malaga, Spain
City: Berlin
Post code: 10117
Country: Germany
Telephone: +49-30-39200581 Send mail:
Telefax: +49-30-39200581 Web site:
  Mr. Bertram Dressel

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  Ms. Andrea Glaser
Managing Director

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  Mr. Thomas Diefenthal
Vice President

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  Mr. Gerold Kreuter
Vice President

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  Ms. Heike Gensing
Board Member

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  Mr. Jürgen Bath
Board Member

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Registration and Classification
Registration date:August 18, 1988 Geographical coverage:national
Registration place:Berlin, Germany Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:April, 1985
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
science / technology parks
business incubators
technology / innovation centers
business & innovation centers
economic development agencies
small and medium companies
technology transfer agencies
consulting firms
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 212 institutional
Associate members: 25
Membership criteria
<p>Full, ordinary members are operating innovation centers (business/technology incubators as well as science/technology parks). Associated members: are innovation centers in planning as well as companies, institutions, companies and individuals committed to supporting the aims of the association.</p>
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1 Germany Bad Segeberg SET-UP
2 Germany Bautzen Technology and Start-up Center Bautzen
3 Germany Berlin BIG Berlin Innovation and Business Incubation Centre
4 Germany Berlin Biomedical Innovation and Business Incubation Center Berlin-Buch
5 Germany Berlin Biotechpark Berlin-Buch
6 Germany Berlin Charlottenburg Innovation Centre
7 Germany Berlin IGZ Innovation and Startup Center Berlin Adlershof
8 Germany Berlin OWZ International Business Incubator Berlin Adlershof
9 Germany Berlin PHÖNIX Business Incubator At Borsigturm
10 Germany Berlin TechCode Berlin

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