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Startup Dorf

StartupDorf is a local, grassroots and entrepreneur-led network to foster Düsseldorf startup eco-system. A hub and local community to access support to start and grow businesses and to connect with other startup founders. It is an open place for all startups, stakeholders, and interested persons.

To bring together, to promote startup culture, aggregate different community activities and to create a brand for web and tech entrepreneurship in Düsseldorf, NRW and act as a representative that give a voice to all awesome startups.

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Address: Bilker Allee 217
City: Düsseldorf
Post code: 40215
Country: Germany
Telephone: +49-211-17607293 Send mail:
Telefax: +49-211-17607294 Web site:
  Mr. Hanns Tappen

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Registration and Classification
Registration date: Geographical coverage:regional
Registration place: Type of the association:formal
Beginning of operation:2014
Ordinary members: Associate, affiliate, supporting members:
business incubators
business & innovation centers
Startup companies
economic development agencies
Startup companies
Number of members Possible types of membership
Full (regular) members: 0
Associate members:
Membership criteria
StartupDorf is founded upon the principles of democracy, volunteerism, and the common interest to foster startups in Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany. It is very important to us to help our members as a true representative in a democratic environment of an association. Our membership tier are:<br />Full Members: Startup Ceo’s & Founders. They own a full membership and vote in the general assembly, where they control the board and plan the general activities.<br />Volunteers: The Board, Team, Mentors, and all little helpers behind the association spent thousands of hours for a better startup culture and startup landscape.<br />Supporting Members: Companies, Institutions and Sponsors help to support the association through contributions and receive recognition at events and online.
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