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Business Incubation in Ecuador

In **Ecuador** there is no association of business incubators and or science technology parks. The only technology park in Ecuador (still in the early development phase) we know about is described in the following. The management of this technology park is willing to provide support and information for those interested in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation the country. In Ecuador the development of science / technology parks and business incubators still is in an early stage. The Government is promoting entrepreneurship with a program "Agencia de Desarrollo Empresarial" sponsored by tne Ministery of Industry and Commerce. Science and technology development in Ecuador is generally weak, even when compared to Andean countries such as Venezuela and Colombia. Generally, research is not yet a significant cultural or pro-ductive factor in the country. Research results are not widely published. The Ecuadorian productive sector carries out its activities on the margins of, or ignoring R & D. Measures are needed to stimulate business, scientific and technical research as well as innovation. There is also a need for the provision of technological services for businesses. **New Regional Development Based On Knowledge** Regional development based on knowledge should be the new strategy to overcome the poverty indi-cators and scientific and technology gaps that are characteristics of the national economy which have placed Ecuador in the last places in competitiveness. **TechnoPark Ecuador** Three conceptual studies have been completed, an infrastructure design for the 200 hectares with 14 studies have been completed.

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