World Summit

International Summit of Associations
of Business Incubation and Technology / Science Park Associations

Initiated by the National Business Incubation Association, NBIA, leading representatives of national and international associations of business incubators as well as science / technology parks meet to discuss the future of the industry and how to intensify international cooperation.

The first five Summits were held in the US at conferences of the NBIA. The Sixth Summit, hosted by the ADT, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Technologie- und Grunderzentren (Association of German Business Incubation and Technology Centers) and SPICE Group was the first one held in Europe. While the first Summits where more informal meetings to learn to know each other, the last three Summits agreed on Internal Agreements and/or Resolutions covering topics of importance for the future development of the business incubation industry.

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